Dance Battle testing 1

About Dance Battle testing 1

Dance battles are a thrilling and engaging way to showcase the best of dance talent in India. It's an event where dancers come together and compete to prove their skills and outdo their opponents. These events are popular not just amongst dancers but also amongst audiences who love to witness the power of dance in action. A dance battle event in India typically involves two or more dance crews competing against each other. Each crew has its unique style and choreography, and they battle it out on stage to determine who has the best moves. The audience plays a crucial role in the event as they are the ones who cheer on their favorite crews and ultimately decide the winner. The format of a dance battle event can vary, but usually, it consists of multiple rounds, each with a specific theme or style. In each round, the competing crews have to perform their routine, and the judges rate their performance based on factors such as creativity, execution, and audience engagement. The crew with the highest score moves on to the next round until only one crew is left standing as the winner.


  Audition 1 (Offline)

  Start Date : 12-03-2023 5 : 51 PM

  End Date : 15-03-2023 4 : 30 PM

  quarter final (Offline)

  Start Date : 14-03-2023 4 : 30 PM

  End Date : 15-03-2023 6 : 30 PM


Amrit Studio


Music Studio



Acting Studio



Judging Creteria

  • Video of 1 min
  • Technique: Judges will assess the technical abilities of the dancers, including their execution of various dance moves, their precision and control, and the level of difficulty of the routine.


  • cash prize
  • trophy
  • certificate
  • Duet
  • cash prize
  • trophy
  • certificate
  • Group
  • cash prize
  • trophy
  • certificate
  • Booking

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